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I had the opportunity to spend a day in Oxnard, California, and we drove about 61 miles for some star-studded fun. Our guide has put together some of the best things to do in and around Oxard California to make your visit an unforgettable experience. I share them with you and hope they help you make the most of your trip, It doesn't matter where you are, what you do or who you meet.

Although not visible from the highway, the beach is usually not crowded and a great place to take a dip at sunset. If you only have time to visit a beach, visit Oxnard Beach, Oxard Beach Park and Redondo Beach State Park. You are close by, so you can enjoy the sea, the sun and a walk through the city or visit the surrounding areas such as Oxnard - Sta.

The country is flat, so hiking and cycling are easy and inexpensive to a family holiday. Take a short walk to Oxard Beach Park, where you will find a huge playground, then walk along the beach or cycle to Redondo Beach State Park.

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy Oxnard's unoccupied beaches and explore the many diverse attractions and outdoor adventures that are unique to the area. You can enjoy numerous activities and plan your trip so you can appreciate the city more. The places to visit: Oxard Beach Park, Redondo Beach State Park and Redonado Beach.

For a timetable and information on entry and parking, visit the website or drive to Oxnard and then drive three miles. To learn more about California Restaurant Month and to get ideas for your own culinary journey to California, visit here. There are many ways for people to stay in Oxard hotels, such as the Redondo Beach Hotel and the Oxardo Hotel.

You will want to stay in one of these hidden gems that allow a beach holiday within reach of middle-income travelers. Oxnard has a few Southern California hotels that have beaches that can be reached on foot, but be aware: Most California beach hotels cross the PCH to get to the sand, and have no parking space in front of them. If there is any traffic, the two-lane Highway 1 is the slower, more scenic option.

You can be on your own, take a guided hike or return to the comforts of Oxnard for dinner and an overnight stay in the city. Embassy Suites has beach equipment, a bike rental program and can help you spend an easy, fun day at the beach or behave with the bike rental program.

Enjoy the same luxurious views of the Channel Islands while enjoying the celebrity of yesteryear. There are a number of Oxnard hotels that have been selected for their luxurious amenities, including a private pool, spa, gym and spa services.

Oxnard's location, though in neighboring Ventura, is a city that has no real downtown or Main Street. It is a particular pleasure to find a local restaurant or bar with a good selection of food and beverages for those living in the Los Angeles or Santa Barbara area. The monthly Italian cooking classes are an excellent option, and you can plan your trip to Oxard for the courses.

If you're in town in August, visit the festival grounds and eat strawberries at the California Strawberry Festival. Mandalay Beach is technically a Channel Island just outside Oxnard, but the beach is fabulous, with long stretches of soft sand perfect for play. If you can't stay at Oxard, the beaches are fabulous with incredible views and the 3BR 3 / 5BA refuge is your dream destination for an ox cart holiday.

It's amazing that most of my friends And I have never visited this unspoilt natural park, which covers over 1.5 million hectares of unspoilt natural land and water. It consists of a few small islands that are barely visible from the mainland, but it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

One of Oxnard's biggest attractions is the ocean, and this refuge offers plenty of exploration opportunities. The Channel Islands port is a great base from which to reach the city and some other beaches and parks.

Visitors can park their cars on the north side of San Nicholas Ave, where it merges with Ocean Drive. Oxnard is located about 30 miles south of Los Angeles, at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains and about 20 miles north of Santa Barbara, so you can't get too far from the city. Spend some time exploring the incredible beaches of Oxnard, such as the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Bay. Besides the beaches by the sea, Oxard also offers a number of other relaxing beaches and parks, making it a great place to relax after a long day of hiking, biking, camping, fishing or even a day on the beach.

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More About Oxnard