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The public is invited to attend the annual OXARD California Music Festival in Oxnard, California, on Saturday, July 22, 2017. Chuck Dennis Productions offers the best in music, food, entertainment and family fun for all ages. Families will enjoy live music from local musicians and a variety of local food trucks and vendors.

This festival is an entertaining family celebration for all ages with live music, food trucks and a variety of local grocers. Fans can experience everything from live jazz and classical music to reggae and salsa, rock and classic cover bands from all over California, including Dixie Chicks, the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead.

A walk along Main Street will include music from almost all bars and restaurants, and there will be five to ten live music seats every night. The venues offer a variety of entertainment with different personalities, such as Discovery, which combines live entertainment, TV shows and sports, as well as food and drink.

The surplus of sound makes this scene special, as Ventura has played and continues to play music across the spectrum. What makes it great is that a significant part of the culture is made up of newcomers and experienced musicians. Local musicians, who can be hired, are available to discuss ways in which they can provide the best performance for the festival. Each band of musicians hired has its own style of music and can tell you more about it.

We can discuss and agree on how long we want the musicians to perform during the festival and how long they will play. It also depends on how long you want them to play with their music sets and whether there are additional requirements.

Contact us if you have a seat and we can tell you if we have many musicians available at the last minute. ACE Music Booking Agency finds the best festival musicians in Oxnard, CA to hire that fit your budget. If a musician cannot provide a replacement, ACE can help you hire musicians of similar quality. We will help you find good local musicians that are suitable for you.

If you are planning an event in Oxnard, CA, please add us to your list and ACE will do all the work for you free of charge.

Tell us what kind of music you would like to play at the festival and we will provide you with local musicians if you need them.

Just make a booking request for the type of music you prefer and get a price quote. We will do our best to book the live music artists in Oxnard, CA as soon as possible. We were founded to support and promote the development of local music festivals in Ventura County, California. To donate, please send a check to: Oxnard California Music Festival Fund at the address below and donate at least 10% of the total amount of your donation.

Music lovers of all ages will love the live entertainment on offer, from old school to classics, and the city is definitely the place where some well-known and established stars appear. This event was a great success and is loved by attendees and we expect it to become a popular annual event that attracts a large number of local and international music lovers from all over the world. In 1932, the Mixtecos we belong to began to unite their local music scene with the rest of the city and its people in Oaxaca City.

Some of the world's most famous artists, including Elvis Presley, Elton John, Elvis Costello and others, including headliners, have performed on the city stage, as well as at festivals, concerts and other events in Mexico City and around the world.

Agua Azul will offer a magical and colorful presentation of Oaxacan culture, and El Conjunto Hueyapan will perform on the beach in front of one of Mexico's most famous beaches. Spend the afternoon listening to live music and breathing in the fresh sea air or spend an afternoon listening to live music. It offers an easy way to get around the city and see some of the easiest to see live venues and the best food and drink options.

On Saturday night, Ventura County residents will have the opportunity to listen to the music of El Conjunto Hueyapan from Oaxaca, one of Mexico's most popular bands. This special music and art event has grown in size and attracts visitors from far and wide. The project's goal is to establish Guelaguetza as an annual tradition for all residents of the Ventura municipality, including the 24,000 Oaxacans who call the area their home. Countrywide evaluators say the program's lobbying in Ventura Counties has brought more than $1.5 million in economic benefits to the county and its residents.

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