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An hour northwest of Los Angeles, Oxnard is located on the California coast and offers great views of the Pacific Ocean, the San Gabriel Mountains and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Located in the heart of Southern California, it is home to a number of great hotels, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and dining options. Oxards Channel Islands Harbor is also the location of one of California's most popular tourist attractions: the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

The Channel Islands harbour offers a variety of water sports, including fishing, boating and even kayaking. Several whale watching companies operate in the area, giving travelers the opportunity to experience maritime life up close.

A museum has a permanent collection, and it is important to check the attraction's website to see if there are temporary or temporary exhibitions. It also helps to check the websites of each hotel to see what they currently offer.

For those who want to make a special offer during their vacation, many hotels offer standard discounts on hotel rooms, suites and other amenities. Many hotels also offer temporary special packages for guests, which can include free parking, free meals or even free Wi-Fi. Some hotels are also known for offering special discounts for travelers who book for a longer period, whether for a one- or two-night stay.

Oxnard also has a summer hiking trail called Fairy Tales Park, which includes several live plays that are free for viewers of all ages. Oxnard is a popular destination for tourists and the people who live there, as well as visitors from all over the world. It has many attractions for those who are interested in visiting, whether they are tourists, locals, tourists or people with special needs such as children.

Weekly fares are always cheaper than weekend fares and help you start your journey as mid-week as possible. Avoiding late nights and early mornings in Oxnard and early days can also lead to significant savings in accommodation.

Guests who bring cars or rent cars can help, as the cheapest hotels and accommodations are often located just a few kilometers from the city center. The city is simple and affordable, and it is a wonderful place to visit for a day trip or even a week - a long holiday in Oxnard.

Guests can visit the concierge desk at any Oxnard hotel or pick up during the week and enjoy a complimentary daily hot breakfast. Boaters can also enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast on the beach, as long as they can rest their legs in the sea. Wi-Fi is free in all hotels and a hot breakfast is served daily from 7 a.m. to 12 noon in each hotel, with free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby.

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Although on the pricey side of the Oxnard area, the prices for hotels and restaurants in the surrounding Southern California region are the best. For the most luxurious options, you are just a few miles from Oxard, with prices starting at about $350 a night, and are just a few miles from all the major shopping and dining options in Oxardo. Guests in this area can choose from a variety of restaurants, cafes, bars and even a grocery store. There is also a Woolworth store in the city, which includes a small Woolworth's Museum with many local shops selling all kinds of goods.

Flamingo Motel Oxnard offers summer rates starting at a low price of $75 per night, but there are fabulous, affordable and friendly options in the center of Oxard. Another fantastic option is the Redondo Beach Inn and Suites, just a few miles from Oxardo, with rates starting at about $100 per night.

The Inn Ventura is one of the top rated Best Western branded hotels in the state, based on user ratings. It is also the second best independent hotel in Ventura County, behind only Oxard Inn and Suites.

The hotel is located in the beautiful Oxnard countryside, in the heart of the city, so it has the best that Oxnard has to offer. The outdoor heated swimming pool is located directly on the beach, surrounded by a waterfall, a stream and a lagoon. Guests have access to a fireplace. Next to Oxard Beach Park there is a cycle path, while the rooms with sea views are separated from the sand by sand. It is the only hotel with a full service restaurant, bar, wellness and fitness centre.

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More About Oxnard