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There are many places where you can call California home, but California is without doubt one of the most culturally diverse states in the United States and the world.

Oxnard is a major transportation hub for Southern California, stopping there en route to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Bernardino. This provides an opportunity to experience the Bay Area without having to pay for home prices. Oxnard has always been a major transportation hub for Southern California, with a stop at the Ventura County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).

M Mandalay State Beach is a protected beach in Oxnard, California, currently managed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

While most of the California coast is within the boundaries of the Pacific and North American plates, Oxnard is, and was, tectonically active with both plates. It consists of a series of small islands, some of which are so small that they are barely visible from the mainland. While most Californians are located on the coast within the boundaries of the Atlantic and Pacific Plate in Southern California and the Central Coast of North America in the USA, Oxard itself is tectorically active with each plate.

One of the active fault lines across Oxnard is the Oak Ridge Fault, which spans the Santa Clara River Valley west into the Santa Susana Mountains, crosses Oxard Plain in Oxards and stretches into the Santa Barbara Channel. An active fault that crosses Oxarded is the Oak Ridge Fault, which crosses the Christmas Island Basin in the San Joaquin Valley to the south and the western coast of Southern California from Santa Ana to Santa Rosa, crosses Oxnard Plain to Oxardo and stretches into the Santa Barbara Canal. Another of the active faults that transverse Oxygen is an oak ridge fault, the Santa Clara Fault, which spans the Santo Domingo Mountains west toward the Santa Susanna Mountains and from San Jose to Los Angeles.

Highway 232 on Vineyard Avenue provides access to California State Route 126, which passes through Santa Paula, Fillmore and Santa Clarita. Fifth Street Highway 34 connects downtown Oxnard with Camarillo and runs along the Southern Pacific Coast Line, which carries Metrolink trains from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles and Oxard to Ventura County, and the Santa Clara Valley Line from Ventura to San Diego. Highway 232 and Vineyards Avenue provide access from California's 125 state road to Santa Ana, Santa Rosa, Ventura and Ventura, as well as the Conejo Connection (which does not pass through the Oxardo Transit Center but stops at Oxards, Oxarded, Camarsillo and San Luis Obispo County Transit Centers). Highway 232, Vine Yard Avenue, connects to California's 126 state road to Santa Paula, gas stations in Santa Monica, Los Alamitos, San Jose and Oxon, with stops in Santa Cruz, El Cajon, L.A. County and Ventura.

Plaza Park is located at the corner of San Nicholas Ave and Ocean Drive, just north of the Oxardo Transit Center, and offers a variety of events throughout the year. Visitors can park their cars on the south side of Plaza Park, near the intersection of Vineyard Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, or north where SanNicholas Ave merges with Ocean Drive.

The Multicultural Festival is held every year to celebrate the rich diversity of the city of Oxnard and its inhabitants. At the center of Marine Emporium Landing there are a variety of restaurants specializing in food, arts and crafts, music, art and cultural activities for all ages. The municipality offers a wide range of food and drinks as well as live music and entertainment. Oxard is also home to the annual Oxnard Salsa Festival, which takes place in the last week of July.

Oxard and the surrounding city of Oxnard, California, USA, and the surrounding cities of Ventura, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Santa Cruz County in California. Oxard in the Southern California region of the USA, United States, Southern Californians in Ventura and Ventura County and their surroundings in Santa Clara County.

Oxnard is also home to the National Weather Service's forecasting office, which is responsible for the Los Angeles area. Oxnard is also home to the only weather station in the Southern California region and serves as the National Weather Service's regional forecasting center for the United States and Pacific Northwest.

Oxnard, California, the largest city in Kern County, is located on the southern coast of California, about 60 miles north of Los Angeles and about 50 miles south of San Diego. It is the second largest county in California and the third largest in the United States and is located in the San Bernardino National Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is located at the southern end of the Santa Cruz Mountains, east of Santa Barbara County, and is one of only two cities in Southern California with more than 100,000 residents.

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More About Oxnard