Oxnard, California


Located along the coast of southern California and part of los angles area, Oxnard is listed as one of the wealthiest area in America due to its major transportation hub. Oxnard is also known as important naval connectivity for los Angeles. 


  • CALIFORNIA WELCOM CENTRE: This is a great place to stop when you are going to central coast adventure. This place offers you lots of good stuff like wine.
  • CHANNEL ISLAND HARBOUS: Beautiful and great harbours with lots of things to do like Shopping, enjoy the wild life or enjoy the beautiful beaches.
  • MANDALAY BEACH: Best part of Mandalay is the lovely beaches. Which is clean and beautiful with excellent serious surf. 
  • HERZOG WINE CELLERS: This place is known for its delightful luxurious service. You can try their tasty food and enjoy wine with cellers.
  • CHANNEL ISLAND MARITIME MUSEUM: Museum displaying amazing model and nautical arts Handmade historical wars n etc. Some wildlife only found on islands.


  • CABO SEAFOOD: Due to being on a coastal region Oxnard offers you some great seafood. Cabo sea food gives you Mexican style sea food.
  • SEA FRESH: This is a bar cum restaurant with good sitting and American style food. You can enjoy beer or wine with quality service.
  • LURE FISH HOUSE: A place with great Atmosphere, excellent service of foods and drinks. Their display keeps the bread over rolls warm and ready to serve. Their clams and oysters are very good and fresh.
  • FISHERMEN’S CATCH: This place is very famous for the fresh fish and cool drinks. There everyone’s favorite dish is fish chips.